Councillor O’Toole – The Complete Series


Episode 1 The Tolka Garden Extension

will Councillor Eamon O Toole get on the party’s ticket to stand for election to the Dail? Or will Mary McBride, the party favourite and his rival, block his way? What lies behind the planning permission for The Tolka Garden Extension? Could the threat of a scandal smooth Eamon’s way onto the ticket?

Episode 2 The Gay Conspiracy

rumours are spreading around the city that Councillor O Toole is gay. The party handler thinks it might negatively affect Eamon’s chances of being elected to the Dail. How can he best demonstrate his mainstream heterosexuality and win more votes?

Episode 3 Funds, Funds, Funds

almost all the party’s funds are going to Eamon’s party rival, Mary McBride. How can he divert these funds into his campaign, and not alienate Mary and the party executive? Does the answer lie in approaching a prominent auctioneer, sympathetic to the party and Eamon’s election program?

Episode 4 Stress

the stress from the election campaign is getting to Eamon. Does he need professional help? Doctor Strong tries to teach him how to ward off all the people who are causing the stress, and still win the election.

Episode 5 For Whom The Polls Toll

Eamon is being murdered in the polls. How can he reverse the trend? Announce a matrimonial engagement – the family vote; court a high profile lady journalist – good copy; and dig up some scandal on his rival, Mary McBride? Will it work?

Episode 6 Armageddon

election day. Mary McBride is confident and jubilant, Eamon is jittery and the opposite. He cranks up every engine in the vicinity – transportation for all the senior citizens, his mother to line up the nuns from the convent, and begs the party handler for more help – will it be enough?

Episode 7 What Lola wants

a politically important American lady, with a reputation, visits Dublin. Impressed by Eamon’s political speech on election day, the party handler designates Eamon to entertain her. Will Eamon be able to withstand the heat from the Washington hurricane?

Episode 8 Dynasty

the party think Eamon’s campaign lacked a certain political pedigree. He instructs his mother, girlfriend and campaigners to dig up some useful pedigree history – heroes in the Rising, martyred priests in the family etc. The family heritage they dig up is quite shocking – especially to the party handler and the party leader.